Corroless ACO Mastic Standard Grade

A solvent free, high build, two pack polyurethane mastic for steel, for the repair of pipe coatings, filling of holes and cracks and the coating of field joints.

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Useful Info
  • For faster-cure repairs use Corroless ACO Mastic Rapid grade, and for higher temperatures and hot surfaces, use Corroless ACO Mastic TG grade
  • Meets the requirements of GBE/CW6 Part 1 for External Pipe Protection
  • BS6920 Factory and site application and WRAS water fittings directory
  • Meets the performance requirements of BS EN 10290 and AWWA C222
  • Malaysian SPAN approved
  • Application Methods
    Brush, Putty Knife, Spatula, Trowel
  • Brands
  • Finishes
  • Sectors
  • Substrates
    Steel and concrete
  • Volume Solids