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Glass Coatings

Axalta Coating Systems Tewkesbury UK Ltd. is a world leader in the development of specialist water-borne coatings under the Eleglas brand.

We continually develop and introduce new technologies in response to your challenges.


We offer coatings in the following sectors:

  • Cosmetics and Beverage Containers (including tiles, lighting, decorative items)

  • Metal (Automotive, closures, lighting, general industrial)

  • Smart Repair (UV curable top coat lacquers and primers)

  • Closures (including bathroom parts, automotive components, computers)

  • Automotive (UV curable wheel coatings, water-based metallic base coats for plastics)

  • Anti-graffiti (High build, solvent-free coatings with excellent chemical resistance)

  • Erasable (High build, Ultra low VOC coatings with excellent chemical resistance and low odour)

See our dedicated website for specialist glass & water based coatings here

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